Weekly Features

What’s the use of writing a story if you ignore the rest of the world? As I work on The Kingdom Trilogy and my short stories, I want to stay active and connected with you readers. In particular, I want to write about stories, and everything that goes into them. Here’s a rundown of what to expect every week.

Monday Meditations

  • A mind-blowing quote and an inspiring song, hand-picked to inflame your soul with so much wonder that you’ll be able to write the Great American Novel in about 20 minutes.

The Storyteller Reports

  • Wherein I rant about the biggest news about books, movies, or anything else with a connection to storytelling. If it’s good news, I will sing praises. If it’s bad news, I will scream bloody murder.

Notes Of A Storyteller

  • Every Friday I’ll tell you something I’ve learned as a writer. I’ve learned a lot in five years. I want to share it with you, if it helps you at all.

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