The Kingdom Trilogy

All Arman wanted to do was find his place in life. When he does, he is hurled into a madness he could never have imagined, and burdened with a quest that he does not have the strength to complete.

An mysterious old man comes to him in the wake of tragedy. He is Menemaeus, the immortal warrior who has defended Upper Nola and the rest of Arman’s world for mellenia. His job was supposed to be done. The Nameless One was supposed to be locked away forever, after his last defeat at Menemaeus’ hands.

He’s back. Somehow he’s back. And Menemaeus has discovered that Arman is the heir of a dynasty that brought peace and glory to Upper Nola after that last defeat. Menemaeus wants Arman to ride out and warn the world, while he seeks the only weapon that can stop the Nameless One’s power.

Arman had no idea what would befall him if he made that choice. With trembling lips, he said yes.

Are you ready to watch a world fall apart?


Smashwords Edition (25% free sample available; the full novel is $2.99)

Kindle Edition (First 2 3/4 chapters available as a free sample; the full novel is $2.99)


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