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Tuesday Meditations: Beautiful Darkside

Hello! Back from my week’s hiatus, which became a week-and-a-day because my life has not yet coalesced into some semblance of order. My laptop is temporarily down for the count, so I’m gonna make this short and get back to work. We’re gonna talk later. For now, enjoy this song and some thoughts from a guy named Shaw.


“Beautiful Darkside” by The Classic Crime

The introspection of this band’s songwriting is terrifying.


“And yet, what is there to say except that war puts a strain on human nature that breaks down the better half of it, and makes the worse half a diabolical virtue? Better, for us if it broke it down altogether, for then the warlike way out of our difficulties would be barred to us, and we should take greater care not to get into them. In truth, it is, as Byron said, “not difficult to die,” and enormously difficult to live: that explains why, at bottom, peace is not only better than war, but infinitely more arduous. Did any hero of the war face the glorious risk of death more bravely than the traitor Bolo faced the ignominious certainty of it? Bolo taught us all how to die: can we say that he taught us all how to live?… Does it not seem as if, after all, the glory of death were cheaper than the glory of life? If it is not easier to attain, why do so many more men attain it?”

George Bernard Shaw


Monday Meditations: The Test


“The Test” by The Classic Crime

This is haunting songwriting right here, folks. I feel guilty about living in comfort, and doing that whole American dream thing. Matt McDonald doesn’t make me feel any better. He doesn’t mention the American dream- don’t worry; this isn’t a political song- but that’s exactly what I’ve come to think about. Maybe that’s because his portrait of apathy is so disturbingly lifelike that I need to think about someone besides myself.


“So here’s to the promise of glamorous living

You must drink up now, ’cause it’s all that you’re getting

If you haven’t been tested, you certainly will

And I promise it’s going to kill…”

The Classic Crime

“Should one point out that from ancient times decline in courage has been considered the beginning of the end?”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn