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Monday Meditations: Memorial Day

As an American, I salute the men and women who have suffered pain and death for good. As a man, I know our country has had its share of good and bad men. This day we celebrate the good. Give a thought, if not a prayer, for them.


“Leave No Man Behind” from Hans Zimmer’s Black Hawk Down soundtrack

Mournful and meditative. Just the thing we needed on a day like this.


“It is not of the dead alone that we think on this day. There are those still living whose sex forbade them to offer their lives, but who gave instead their happiness. Which of us has not been lifted above himself by the sight of one of those lovely, lonely women, around whom the wand of sorrow has traced its excluding circle–set apart, even when surrounded by loving friends who would fain bring back joy to their lives?”

Oliver Wendell Holmes


For Memorial Day, I vented some thoughts on my official Tumblr. Here’s an excerpt. If you take away nothing else, take away this: honor the dead!

“It’s a stereotypical sunny day outside. It’s the kind of sunny that you see in a Memorial Day commercial for hamburgers. Somewhere, there’s memorial services going on. Somewhere, men and women are weeping true tears. Somewhere, there are young men my age who have chosen to face death instead of linger in comfort.

Somewhere isn’t here, and that’s what bothered me for nearly two decades…”

Read the rest.