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Monday Meditations: Two Step

I don’t know why, but I found a quote from Elie Wiesel’s Dawn that I wanted to share today. It is a portrait of a haunted man’s encounter with love. Wiesel’s trilogy (Night, Dawn, Day) always fascinated me. Allow me to share that fascinating with you, along with a fabulous number from the Dave Matthews Band called “Two Step”.


“Two Step” by Dave Matthews Band

What is it about those opening moments that make this song so memorable? The moment I hear the guitar and violin take off, I feel like I’m in a different world, a darker and more beautiful world filled with beauty and longing. (Note: this live version is from the “Listener Supported” DVD).


“There are times when I curse myself. I shouldn’t have listened. I should have fled. To listen to a story under such circumstances is to play a part in it, to take sides, to say yes or no, to move one way or the other. From then one there is a before and an after. And even to forget becomes cowardly acceptance.

I should have run away. Or put my hands over my ears. Or thought about something else. I should have screamed, or sung, or kissed her, kissed her on the mouth so she would have stopped talking. Made love to her. Told her that I loved her. Anything, just so she would have stopped talking.”

Elie Wiesel