Short Stories

When I was editing The Quest in the summer of 2011, my brain fried. In a fit of madness, I scribbled down a few sentences, desperately writing anything but my novel. When the dust cleared, I was surprised to see the opening paragraph of a short story. I kept playing with it in spare time, and in September I uploaded it to Smashwords, offering it as a free download to anyone.

I like to treat my fans. And it so happens that after publishing that short story, I came up with about 200 zillion other ideas. So here’s the deal. Every once in a while, I’ll post a short story on Smashwords. Every one of these will be free. I will never charge you a cent.

These don’t have any affiliation with The Kingdom Trilogy, by the way. I travel to whatever genre I want.

Die By The Sword- Available now on Smashwords

Untitled- March 2012

Untitled- release date TBA

Untitled- release date TBA


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