Another Chapter

I was so happy to finish my chapter that I posted this on the Tumblr

“There is a special feeling you get when you finish a chapter that you’re halfway happy with. I’m writing my second novel, and I can tell you that it never gets old.

When it hits, a sense of completeness washes over me. I haven’t just written 5-8 pages on Microsoft Word; I’ve expressed a complete thought, which is better than 500-800 Microsoft Word pages of rambling. Energy floods back into my bones. Pride surges through my chest. I have sat in my chair for hours, lapsing in and out of distractions, frustrations, and setbacks- and now it’s all been turned to gold, because I got the task done.

Of course, when I go back a day or so later, I’m going to hate it. That’s life for a writer. For right now, though, there are few things on earth that make me more happy.”


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