Something Which I Have Never Done Before

A few days ago, J.C. Martin presented me with an odd gift. She calls it a blog award. I’ve seen others use it, but I have never taken part myself. Martin’s award to me is the “Inspiring Blog Award”. The idea is that I post a JPG telling you guys that someone finds me inspiring.


In due 21st-century fashion, I also tell you 7 personal, “inter-related” facts about myself, and proceed to find seven other people to pass this thing on to. Seeing as Mrs. Martin is releasing a novel pretty soon, I’ll withhold the snarky remarks and go along with it. 

1. I am determined not to drink alcohol until I turn 21, when I may legally do so.

2. In the meantime, I love cream soda and need good people around me to stop me from drinking too much.

3. While I drink this cream soda, I like to talk with friends about movies and argue with them about why Batman Begins is better than The Dark Knight.

4. I like watching movies in general, because they can convey some things in stories much more memorably than I can with words.

5. I like listening to music, especially when it comes for free on Spotify. Alternative rock is a woefully under-used source of inspiration for fantasy novels, from where I stand.

6. Heavy metal isn’t half-bad either when you’re writing battle sequences.

7. Recently, I’ve relished “Cry Thunder” by Dragonforce and “Devastator” by For Today.

Now, for seven people to dump this on… let’s see… this is all in good sport, of course…

Jason McKinney, Lyn Midnight, Sting In The Tail, Corinne Driscoll, Kimberly Kinrade, Dmytry Karpov, and Emlyn Chand.

That was entertaining. Now, back to writing The Stand. Stay tuned for Notes Of A Storyteller tomorrow!


3 responses to “Something Which I Have Never Done Before

  1. What alternative bands would you recommend? Most of the stuff I have heard consists of beta males whining over bad guitar music.

    • What’s worse is that a lot of them whine unintelligible lyrics. Last night I watched a Futurama episode that made good fun of this.

      I might have geeked out to you about House of Heroes already. If I haven’t, then know that “The End Is Not The End” is a masterpiece of passion and songwriting. Also, it has WWII themes. Try The Classic Crime and The Decemberists, also.

  2. Oh, also congratulations for the award!

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