Summer 2012 Announcements

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce that The Stand (Part Two of The Kingdom Trilogy) is happening for sure. Arman’s adventures will continue before the end of the year.

Stay posted this summer! I have some delightful surprises waiting for fans of The Kingdom Trilogy. Games, prizes, and awesomeness await. If you haven’t gotten your hands on Part One, get your copy at Amazon or Smashwords. Then join the anticipation. I’ve had the plot for The Stand in the works for years now. It will be a pleasure to unleash it upon you all.

Starting next week, I’m going to start posting again; this time I’ll be posting twice a week instead of thrice. For you lovers of “Monday Meditations” and “Notes Of A Storyteller”, I’m keeping those around. “The Storyteller Reports” will not be a regular feature, but I’ll still post a few from time to time. If I see something worth ranting about, I’ll rant.

I’m also expanding from this blog. You can find out updates about my writing on here, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Twitterites can meet me at @WhoIsSeanMcG. I’ll be posting anecdotes, quotes, and retweeting other indie authors that I dig.

Tumblers can check me out at whoisseanmcguire. Here, I’ll be able to post pictures and musings that look cooler than they do on Twitter.

Facebook junkies can like the official page for The Kingdom TrilogyI have Facebook and Twitter linked, and I’ll scatter Tumblr links all over the place. If you’re in a social network and you want to get updates, let me know and I’ll see if I can make an account. No matter where you are in the social media universe, you’ll have access to my latest shenanigans.

Get excited, people. I complained like a gorilla with a stubbed toe last fall, but I truly enjoyed writing Die By The Sword and The Quest for you. Earlier today, I read through my outline for The Stand. I got a big smile reading some of what’s in store for Arman and his friends. Between that and the short stories I have lined up, this is going to be a fine summer.

Prepare for glory!


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