An Unannounced Hiatus

You haven’t seen anything on here since May 5 because I’ve been busy finishing my sophomore year of college and moving back to Montana. Finals sucked my life away. Now that’s it’s summer, I’ve had a look at this blog and decided that there are some things I want to change for you. 

More on that in a few days. You won’t see any posts until then. Therefore, I want to leave you with one piece of news that’s going to dominate this blog for several months.

The Stand (Part Two of The Kingdom Trilogy) is happening for sure, and it’s coming out before this year is out. I’ve told my friends and family that I mean to finish this fantasy trilogy, and now that I’ve told them, I’m going to do it. Details will trickle out slowly this summer. Get excited. Tell every last human being in your universe.

And of course, have a wonderful day.


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