Tweeting the Tucson Festival of Books

Not all of you follow me on Twitter. Through the festival I’ve been tweeting from @WhoIsSeanMcG

A few of the highlights…

WhoIsSeanMcG (@WhoIsSeanMcG)
3/10/12 9:09 AM
On location at the Tucson Festival of books. It officially started 8 minutes ago and there’s already dozens of people here. #TusconFest2012

WhoIsSeanMcG (@WhoIsSeanMcG)
3/10/12 11:19 AM
T.A. Barron and James Owen astounded me. Great speakers! Got my hands on a nice poster, too. #TusconFest2012 #MerlinSwag

WhoIsSeanMcG (@WhoIsSeanMcG)
3/10/12 12:55 PM
Tom Kirkbride is here today, promoting a sci-fi epic about California surfers. You heard me right. #tfob #TusconFest2012 #nowiveseenitall

WhoIsSeanMcG (@WhoIsSeanMcG)
3/10/12 1:57 PM
Terry Brooks amused me. “I like to say I write non-fiction with elves.” #tfob #TusconFest2012 #lol

Stay posted. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Oh, and Arizona is sunny and gorgeous. 🙂



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