The Storyteller Reports: Tucson Festival of Books

As luck would have it, I wound up in Tucson, Arizona during the most exiting week a writer could ask for.

Ever heard of the Tucson Festival of Books? It only got started about five years, and it’s only getting bigger. This Saturday, authors from all over the place will flock to the University of Arizona to sign books and talk about them. Honestly, I’m geeking out.

For one thing, it turns out one of the heroes of my youth will be there. T.A. Barron wrote The Lost Years of Merlin, and plenty of other fantasy. At fifteen, I adored those books. They stand in a selective group of books that shook me. Barron’s prose pulled me in slowly, and never let me go. His world and his characters made my eyes sparkle with visions. You know I like something when I say silly things like that. I don’t plan on missing his presentation at 10 am on Saturday.

He’s not the only highlight. I haven’t read Noami Novak‘s Temeraire series, but I have heard plenty of good things about it. She’ll be on campus to share a panel with Robin Hobb, Judith Tarr, and Dennis McKiernan about what they call the return of the high fantasy genre. They kick off at 2:30 pm.

Keep an eye on this blog. I’ll be there all day Saturday; if my iPhone obeys me, I’m gonna post a picture or two on here so you can be with me in spirit. Next week, I’ll say some words about the speakers.


3 responses to “The Storyteller Reports: Tucson Festival of Books

  1. Great post! I had no idea about this book festival. I’m glad you told us about it.

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