Monday Meditations: Stay Strong

Everybody needs a hand sometimes. Especially on Monday mornings. If you’re feeling tired, cranky, sad, sore, or downright miserable, allow me to offer a few words of encouragement. You haven’t seen the last of life. Run while you still can. The dawn is coming.


“Won’t Turn Back” by NEEDTOBREATHE

When  have my own times of trouble, I have found myself turning to this song. There’s something about the melody that is full of strength. I don’t mean heroic strength, necessarily; not the kind that lights your eyes on fire and inspires you to take on the world. When I hear this song play, I feel a quiet strength. A happy strength. The kind of strength that lets you bear any injustice against you with a happy smile.


“Tell why I should run for cover

At the sound of the coming thunder

All I hear is the cry of my lover

So take your shot

I won’t turn back…”



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