Notes Of A Storyteller: Why Do I Write This Stupid Blog?

My nose is running, and I have midterms to study for. What in the name of all things bright and beautiful am I doing writing a blog post?

My books are about twenty feet away. Right now, I could be transcribing my notes on Ancient Egypt, or building my Old English vocabulary. I could be writing my latest short story, or reading for Contemporary Literature.

I’m a fool to leave all that to the side, even for a little bit. This post is going to take five times as long as I think it will to get written and uploaded. I’ll probably find a grammar error, and click of the ‘Edit’ button and wait for the editing page to re-open. Then decide what tags to put on it. The  I’ll put it on social media. If I’m really lucky, somebody will chat me on Facebook while I’m posting this link.

I tell myself this every time and it never dissuades me. I simply cannot stay away from blogs.

Have you ever blogged before? You don’t get a true appreciation for the power of the Internet until you have uploaded a quality blog post. Power rushes through my fingertips every time I do it. It’s an addiction. I have complete autonomy over what goes on this page. I can tweak every word, phrase and idea until it matches my worldview precisely. It’s every syndicated columnist’s dream.

I can share the same things with you that writers have been trying to do for mellenia. But I can do it with more freedom than ever before in history. Other writers (and readers) can explore my world, and leave comments. I can do the same to them. We mold each other. Ultimately, if we’re thoughtful and courteous, we’ll bring each other to a better point of view.

The Internet is a network, is it not? Could we even call it a community? I met a Catholic nun the other day who thought of things that way. I think she’s right on the money. Every time you upload a photo, or comment on a post like this, you are adding life to one of the most vast and diverse communities of human beings that our species has ever known.

When I think about things that way, I wouldn’t give up this blog for the world.


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