The Storyteller Reports: Looking for the New LOST

Has anyone noticed how many new television shows there are with magic in them? Once Upon A Time? Alcatraz? The River? America has got plenty this season. Alumni from Lost and Paranormal Activity have jumped in, presumably to find a new Lost.

I’ve never seen Lost, but I have a question. If you’re trying to make the next big hit, why are you following a trend in the first place? Has nobody learned? When a restaurant introduces a new pizza flavor, everybody loves it. When every restaurant in town starts offering this new flavor, it loses its taste. Eaters of pizza will look for something else. When Dreamworks makes fun of fairy-tales, and then twenty  million animation companies do it, too, nobody is going to watch them.

Remember this? Didn't think so.

If you have a good way to shake up the ideas you’re working with, go for it. It sounds like some of these shows are doing it. Alcatraz? CSI meets Lost. The River? Indiana Jones meets Anaconda meets Paranormal Acitvity. If I have time to take a peek at them, I might. They sound rather fun.

What I’m saying is that this race to replace Lost is going to cause some burn-out. The next big hit (and I mean big hit; not just 15 million views a week, but something that will stick with the culture) won’t be any of these shows, but a fresh new idea that completely sticks out from the Lost crowd. What about a historical drama about a Silk Road merchant? You could fill ten seasons with all that excitement, and leave all these imitators behind in the dust.


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