Monday Meditations: Villain

I’m in a villainous mood today. Maybe it’s because my T-shirt is black and has swords on it. Maybe it’s because I hate sunshine. Maybe it’s because Die By The Sword got its first review and it nearly brought tears to my eyes.

Whatever reason it came, it came, and I want to spread it to you. Get your villain on.


“Palladio” by Escala

Every aspiring James Bond villain wishes they could copyright this as their theme song.

“Son of the Morning” by Oh, Sleeper

Bwahahaha. If you thought Ozzy or Metallica had your playlist of doom taken care of, you better have another thought coming. This is a metal song written from the POV of Satan himself. And it is gut-wrenchingly terrifying.


“Kings and pawns, marshal… emperors and fools.”

The Count of Monte Cristo, 2002

“Better to reign in Hell, then to serve in Heaven.”

John Milton (Paradise Lost)


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