Monday Meditations: A Romantic Celtic Interlude

One of the toughest things The toughest thing about writing The Kingdom: The Quest has been romance. Just dealing with the existence of romance in my book in the first place was so tough that it took an entire blog post to describe. Actually writing them is something else entirely.

There’s only so much that music can say about love. Or maybe it says more than I can hear. Either way, it does help with the mood. I found a song that is simply golden. I haven’t found a better soundtrack for a quiet, intimate moment.


“Lady Marian” by Clannad

In the space of a few weeks, this track has breathed into the heart and soul of The Kingdom: The Quest. 


(From Star Wars: Episode V- The Empire Strikes Back. Han Solo and Princess Leia are alone. I know it’s a little hokey, but it’s still amazing.)

Stop that.”

Stop what?”

“Stop that. My hands are dirty.”

My hands are dirty, too. What are you afraid of?


You’re trembling.”

I’m not trembling.”

You like me because I’m a scoundrel. There aren’t enough scoundrels in your life.”

I happen to like nice men.”

“I’m a nice man.”

No, you’re not. You’re…”


2 responses to “Monday Meditations: A Romantic Celtic Interlude

  1. Ha. I love those quotes. Some of the best in the entire trilogy.

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