To everyone who voted on the cover for Die By The Sword, thanks a million. Your input gave me a lot of confidence. I can’t wait to show this story to you guys on Thursday.

In the meantime, it’s time to announce a winner. Let me repeat how this worked. Everyone who voted on Twitter or this blog were put on a numerical list. The numbers were entered into a random number generator. The person whose number came up won the prize.

Krista Wayment, congratulations! You’ve won a $10 Amazon gift card. Contact me at and indicate which e-mail you would like your card to be addressed to.

For everyone else, can I please repeat that your feedback was AMAZING. You picked Cover #1, which I happily post again at thebottom of this post.

For those of you who don’t know, Die By The Sword is a side project that I work on when The Kingdom: The Quest sucks me of the will to live. It’s a short story about a freedom fighter who goes bad. His sworn enemy, Lord Vengir, imprisoned him for twenty years. When he is released at last, he finds that his home has changed. Instead of changing with the times, he seeks revenge.

On September 15th, I’m offering it as a free e-book on Smashwords. I’m interested to see how people react to this story. I designed it to ask some difficult questions. I’ll let you find out what those questions are on the 15th. Until then, you have a wonderful week.

Cover Image #1

And mark your calendars! The Kingdom: The Quest is coming to Smashwords and Amazon October 20th, 2011. Are you ready to watch a world fall apart?


2 responses to “CONTEST WINNER

  1. Sorry that I missed out on this, sounded like a very cool and imaginative way to chose a cover and bodes well for the imagination that has gone into the story!

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