A Short Story, A Contest, and A $10 Amazon Gift Card

It’s September 1st. I promised you all something for today. Don’t be surprised if you don’t know about it; I haven’t made much noise about it.

I wrote a short story, and it’s hitting Smashwords on September 15th. Think of it as something to tide you over until The Kingdom: The Quest arrives in October. It’s not affiliated with The Kingdom in any way, but I’m proud as a mother hen about it and I can’t wait for you to see it.

It’s called Die By The Sword. A freedom fighter gets locked in jail for 20 years, and when he’s finally released he goes on a quest for revenge. Things get more complicated than that, but I’ll let you discover why when you read it. It will be FREE (that means $0.00) on Smashwords, so you won’t have to pay a dime.

While you wait for September 15th, I have a little contest for you.

Below I have posted three designs for the cover. I don’t have the heart to choose between them. You, my wise and talented readers, can choose which ones you want. You can comment on this post and tell me what you want. You can even vote on Twitter if you like. Just use the hashtag #diebythesword. Whatever you do, use the names in the captions of the photos (Cover Image #1, Cover Image #2, and Cover Image #3).

One voter will be selected at random. Literally. I will give numbers to all entries and enter them in a random number generator. The lucky winner receives a $10 Amazon gift card by e-mail. If I get 20 entries, the prize bumps up to a $15 Amazon gift card by e-mail. If I get even more entries than that, I might raise the prize even higher.

Voting ends on September 9th. The winning cover and the winning voter will be announced on September 10th. If you have any questions, I would be delighted to clarify. Good luck!

Cover Image #1

Cover Image #2

Cover Image #3


8 responses to “A Short Story, A Contest, and A $10 Amazon Gift Card

  1. Geez Sean you don’t make it easy — they’re all pretty good, but I have to go for cover number one.

    And I’ll mark my calendar for the 15th.

  2. I like the idea for Cover #3, but I think people will miss that it’s a hilt. So I vote for Cover #1!

  3. I vote Cover #1

    The eyes convey an intensity that just draws people in. It also hints at action and adventure–all those good things people like.

    Definitely Cover Image #1

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  5. Cover Image #1. The eyes are so creepy!

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