I’m Back

That’s right. Step aside, all you cheap imitators and ugly naysayers. Effective today, the official site for The Kingdom Trilogy is alive and posting. This time it will be on a consistent schedule. Several things have changed, so I’d like to give you a friendly heads-up.

First off, if you don’t already know, The Friday Review is dead. I will no longer post reviews on a regular basis. However, I can’t just sit back and devote all my time to The Kingdom: The Quest. If you have a book you’d like me to read and review, let me know. I’ll take anything except erotica.

There’s one other regular that I’ve cancelled. On Sundays, I used to post characters and countries from Arman’s world. This won’t be happening anymore. Most of the major ones have been covered already. I mean to put them all together, along with more information you haven’t seen before. More on this as we get closer to October 20.

Monday Meditations will still be here. For the uninitiated, this means that every Monday I try to inspire you. I post a few songs and a few quotes. They all have a certain theme, like apocalypses or angst. I select only the finest music and insights, all in the hope that when you hear and read them, you will feel a rush of creativity that will help you write 10,000 golden words in one day. Props to Jason McKinney for picking the name.

Every Wednesday I will have The Storyteller Reports. Previously, this was the name of a page where I told you about my old weekly features. Now it is the name of a new feature with two parts…

  • Rant of the Week. Here I rant about a recent development with books, movies, or anything else with a connection to storytelling. If it’s good news, I will sing praises. If it’s bad news, I will scream bloody murder.
  • Storyteller of the Week will highlight someone who tells stories, and does an amazing job at it. He/she might be famous, or deserves to be famous. Either way I’ll tell you who they are, where to find them, and why you should keep an eye on them.

Every Friday, I will be proud to present Notes Of A Storyteller. Every week I’ll share something I’ve learned writing The Kingdom: The Quest. I’ve learned a lot in four years. I want to share it with you. What good is a writer who keeps his secrets to himself?

That’s the new line-up, and I can’t wait to kick it off on Monday. If anything I post bores you, please warn me. I would hate to waste your well-earned time by posting drivel. I am at your command.

In other news, there’s a short story coming out September 15th. It’s called Die By The Sword; it’s about a freedom fighter who seeks revenge. On September 1st, I’m going to post all of the potential covers for it, and let you pick your favorite. More details on the 1st.

If you’re new here, I welcome you and bow at your feet. For those of you who’ve been here before, thanks for sticking with me. After four years of constant development, The Kingdom: The Quest is coming to Smashwords on October 20, 2011. It is my personal quest to make sure that you, the reader, enjoy every chapter, page and sentence of Arman’s harrowing journey.


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