Watch the Weather

For the longest time I haven’t posted anything here besides weekly features and new dirt on The Kingdom: The Quest. Want to hear about the weather?

It’s the #1 most boring conversation starter in the United States of America. Every awkward kid chasing his dream girl will resort to it at least once. I find that sad. Truly, I do. The weather should never be boring. There is so much majesty and mystery in the weather that it should never cease to amaze you.

Writers, take heed! Are you hunched over a laptop or a smartphone right now? Stop and look out your window. Up into the sky. What will you find there? I know you’ve seen that sun and those foolish clouds all your life. Have you ever lost your breath looking at them?

I hear people talking all the time about places they want to go. Both writers and lay people are guilty of it. All the beautiful places they could go. They want to go to Hawaii, to Paris, to the Cayman Islands. Reminds me of that sadsack from Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”. “Well, I’m sure that I could be a movie star / If I could get outta this place!”

I’ve been to Hawaii. I saw the Na Pali cliffs at Kauai, and I went to Waikiki Beach in Oahu. There’s nothing there that you don’t already have in your backyard. I haven’t been to Paris, but I’ve got a quote from a man whose name I wish I remember.

“If you don’t take Paris with you, you won’t find it there.”

If you can’t find wonder in the little things around your home, how will you have the ability to take in the wonder somewhere else? An airplane flight or a road trip won’t magically change your sense of wonder. You must practice it now. Writers, you don’t need an exotic locale to write your exotic book. Find the exotic in how rain magically falls from the sky.

Think about the clouds.

These leviathans, made up of a horde of waterdrops, have been watching you your whole life, waiting for you to appreciate them. Think of how they glow under the sun. Think of how they turn purple with rage as a thunderstorm looms. A cosmic battle unfolds before you every time lightning strikes.

Don’t stop there! Look to the moon! The stars! The pure blue sky! If you’re looking for the inspiration to write something epic, don’t backpack through Bulgaria. Step out onto your front porch and feel the wind on your skin. There is power there that we can barely fathom. In writing The Kingdom: The Quest, I have found myself more than once outside, trying to take in that power, understand it, and convey it somehow in my writing.

Don’t take my word for it! Take in yourself! If you’re not a writer yet, become one. Spend time watching the rain fall, and the sun shine. Find new ways to describe them. If you try with a full heart and an eager mind, I doubt very highly that you will be disappointed.

Props to Lyn Midnight/Kimberly Kinrade and Jason McKinney for inspiring this post.


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