Jason McKinney: Werewolf Hunter

Remember that mysterious person who won The Monday Muse contest?

Here he is.

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Jason McKinney.

Jason McKinney is a man’s man. He’s a writer’s writer. He’s Chuck Norris’ right hand man. I took this picture after the Battle of Thermopylae. Jason and I jumped into the movie 300. That’s right. We physically jumped into a movie. Like Mary Poppins, but more manly. Anyway, after Leonidas went down, Jason pretty much went berserk. Multiply all those corpses behind him by a gazillion and you have an idea of what kind of hurt he lay on the Persian army.

Fortunately for Xerxes, Jason reserves the fullness of his wrath for one thing, and one thing only: werewolves.

When he’s not updating his blog, he’s teleporting around the world and having lycan smackdowns in the Ukraine, and canine battle royales in Albertia. With his silver knuckles, he can take out any werewolf with just one punch. That’s why he waits until there’s about a hundred of them. He is a man of honor, and likes to fight fairly.

When he is neither updating his blog nor slaughtering werewolves, he’s writing to spread his wisdom. In his genius, he came up with the title “Monday Meditations” for my weekly feature. Primarily, though, he writes stories. He’s already published the first one. It’s called Dog World. Soldiers in Iraq taken on werewolves. I would ask him if it was autobiographical, but to be honest I’m too scared to ask. He did drop a hint that a sequel’s coming soon.

You can get the first Dog World on Amazon, or Kindle, or Smashwords. If you’re brave enough, you might survive Jason’s official website.

By the way, there’s one werewolf in particular that’s on Jason’s hit list. If you could help Jason find him, he would much appreciate it.


3 responses to “Jason McKinney: Werewolf Hunter

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  2. Thanks for the spot and for choosing my suggestion, Sean. I’ve been trying to eliminate that particular werewolf for three years now. He’s a slippery one and by that I mean he cowers in his den when he smells my approach. Just my theory.

  3. josephine wade

    Doh! Meditations! I was going to contribute to the contest and I just couldn’t come up with the right word. Those werewolf hunters are all about the right word. Dang.

    Just popping in to say even though I don’t comment I’m reading the blog and enjoying it. Especially the Monday Meditations — keep up the good work.

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