Arman’s Home

Arman’s home country is the most powerful in Upper Nola. Here’s a few facts to get you started…

Name: Gyrden

Location: West coast of Upper Nola.

Role in The Quest: As mentioned above, Gyrden’s the most powerful country in Upper Nola. Most soldiers. Most resources. Most people. They are the one country that every other country around them looks to for trade and protection. From the moment Menemaeus reveals himself to one of Gyrden’s citizens (Arman), Gyrden becomes a central power in the alliance against the Nameless One.

Chief Industries: Grain, mining, and shipping.

Government: Monarchy

Ruler: King Romthir II

Values: Courage, loyalty, and industry

Banner: A silver eagle, with two silver swords behind it, over a blue background

History: Shortly before the last attack of the Nameless One, there were petty kingdoms scattered all over this territory. Things boiled into a civil war. So much blood was spilt, and so many crops ruined, that a peace agreement was made. All the petty kingdoms banded into one: Gyrden.

There was still enough tension that this might not have lasted. Then the Nameless One showed up. The king of Gyrden rose to the occaison, and kept not only his own people intact, but all the other people around. He had all the countries around him swear a Vow of Unity. Together, they fought brilliantly against the hordes of the Nameless One.

When Menemaeus defeated the Nameless One, the Vow lived on in spirit. There was age of peace and prosperity, largely thanks to the wise descendents of Gyrden’s first king.

When a great famine struck the land, and a terrible warlock named Dharvor appeared, the harmony among nations began to falter. When the royal family of Gyrden was slaughtered by Dharvor’s minions, the power vacuum nearly tore Gyrden apart. When Dharvor was defeated at last, other wars began for lands and resources.

Things have changed for the better when you meet Arman at the start of The Kingdom Trilogy. Gyrden survived the famine by coming up with better ways to farm. Not only did they regain their former prosperity, but they eclisped it. The new kings made peace a priority. Other nations who wanted to learn new ways to farm had to stop fighting first. Thus Gyrden rose again as the primary power and peacemaker in Upper Nola.

And then the Nameless One comes back.


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