Oarath: Loyal and Patient

The world can’t go around without patient people. Meet the latest character from The Kingdom: The Quest: Oarath, Larsor’s cousin, who also finds his way into Arman’s company.

Name: Oarath, son of Werhoam

Looks: Thickset and powerful, short hair, brown eyes

Hobbies: Working hard at something. Digging ditches, patrolling borders- anything that isn’t evil!

Loves: Being industrious. Sipping a beer with his friends.

Hates: His cousin’s antics.

Special Weakness:

Most Dangerous Moment in The Quest: Befriending a monster.

Theme Song: “By Your Side” by House of Heroes

Memorable Quote: “What good is a whip that cannot teach the prisoner? If Larsor was denounced for all he’s done, he’d be exiled. I could never live my life knowing that I let him wander in the wilderness, still without a clue of what life is.”


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