Vertaen, son of Earmin

Sunday, glorious Sunday! You know what that means! Meet the latest new character from The Kingdom: The Quest: Vertaen, Captain of the Order of Broamas. The Order is a fighting force that Menemaeus picks to protect Arman as he journeys outside of his home country. Vertaen takes a special liking to Arman, and becomes a mentor and beacon as Arman’s journey grows more and more perilous.

Name: Vertaen, son of Earmin

Looks: Wiry old man who’s not quite old enough to be a bad fighter. Sharp, angular face and an immaculately trimmed beard.

Hobbies: Getting up early, bathing in freezing cold water, perfecting his frightening skill with a sword, and bragging about his soldiers to anyone that will listen

Loves: His soldiers, his friends, his country, and his strength

Hates: Insubordination, weakness, and enemies

Special Weakness: His drive to protect Arman is too great.

Most Dangerous Moment in The Quest: When that drive to protect goes too far, he becomes dangerous to both Arman and himself.

Theme Song: “Fly” by We As Human

Memorable Quote: “I heard about Meledil. I can’t say anything to make you feel better, but if I could offer a few words, you look like a lad with strength in him. I think you’re going to make it.”


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