The Guardian of the Exiled

Sunday has come at last. I humbly introduce to you Menemaeus, the mighty spirit who has defended Arman’s world for mellenia.

Name: Menemaeus

Looks: Glows like a white lantern. You might call him tall and strong, but he defies such physical description. What you notice more than anything about him is a sense of power, and danger.

Hobbies: Roaming the world incognito, smiting monsters to the ground, changing the course of history, and delivering justice to foolish men.

Loves: The sight of a fallen enemy, and the power he has over men

Hates:Those who defy him

Special Weakness: He cannot defeat the Nameless One without a powerful diamond called the Ethilior.

Most Dangerous Moment in The Quest: At the climax of the book, he meets somebody special. Somebody he would never have suspected in a thousand years…

Theme Song: Ancient Russian Liturgy Russian Orthodox [Znamenny chant – demestvennaya polyphony]

Memorable Quote: “That I will not tell you. You must trust me, without misgiving and without doubt. For now you are dismissed.”


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