Say Hello To Arman

I haven’t told you anything about The Kingdom: The Quest beyond the fact that the main character is called Arman. Want to know what happens to him?

Don’t follow that link yet! Below in bold is a profile of Arman, son of Garath. Every Sunday I’ll put up another profile, either of a character or a country. Every post will get a link on that poor, lonely page entitled Arman’s World. Over time, you’ll find more and more people and places from Upper Nola. Keep an eye out. These characters have gone through a world of pain and trouble, and they are simply dying to meet you.

Name: Arman, son of Garath

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 190

Physical Description: Brown hair, blue eyes, healthy figure

Hobbies: Watching sunlight fall on his hometown, making virtuous retorts to dirty jokes, and talking with a certain pretty and wise young lady

Loves: Helping people, hearing stories, and getting praise for being such a hard-working young man

Hates: Letting people down, looking stupid, and being powerless

Special Weakness: Can’t make decisions by himself. Indecisive and timid.

Memorable Quote: “Why do you call me your lord? You could have drowned in that river, but you came after me. You have no more right to call me “lord” than my mother. Now what’s wrong?”


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